New food & drink policy

From 1st September 2010 there are important changes to the Library’s food and drink policy. Once through the entrance turnstiles:

•   Please drink bottled water only in the Library
•   Please do not eat or drink anything else in the Library

Before you go through the turnstiles:

•   You can use the social area beside the University Reception & Security Desk for food and drink.

Why have we made these changes?

A key element of the Library’s service to the University is to provide a space that is conducive to study, and we wanted to help students who needed somewhere where they could study and eat at the same time. So last year we set up a trial to see whether it would be practical to allow cold food and bottled/lidded drinks on Level 2 of the Library only. Unfortunately the trial has been unsuccessful.

The problem is that food and drink were taken into every part of the building. Leftover packaging and waste was everywhere. Just 2000 library users through the turnstiles could produce over 100 black bin liners full of rubbish daily. Food waste was trodden into carpets and tracked up and down stairs. Drinks were spilled on carpets and tables, and even down walls. We cannot manage this level of waste, or provide a comfortable, hygienic study environment in these conditions.
Fortunately there have been changes in the provision of social space on campus in the past year. The new Student Centre and Postgraduate Centre, and new cafes, offer students an attractive mix of social and study space where food and drink is encouraged and the waste that goes with them managed effectively.

So we ask all library users to take advantage of the new, purpose-designed social/study space now available to them outside the Library, and just bring bottled water through the Library’s entrance turnstiles.

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