New purchasing model for e-books

The library is trialling a new purchasing model for electronic books. In July 2010 we made an advance payment to Elsevier for access to over 700 titles for a period of 12 months. These are primarily research level monographs and they are grouped in the following four subject areas:

  • Pharmacy and toxicology (92 titles)
  • Health science and health professions (214 titles)
  • Biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology (288 titles)
  • Physics and astronomy (178 titles)

Catalogue records were loaded and usage is being monitored. At the end of the trial period, a selection of these titles will be retained in perpetuity, with their individual costs adding up to the sum originally paid. The selection will take place in consultation with library liaison representatives from the relevant departments, but will largely be based on usage.

The most popular title so far is ‘Essentials of stem cell biology’ 2nd edition by R.P.Lanza. You can use the library catalogue or Science Direct to search for these books. Alternatively, lists are available from Linda Humphreys or Claire Tylee.

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