Questions from the Digital Curation Centre

Are you making the most of your research output, the data you generate to prove a hypothesis, record an experiment and publish new knowledge? Perhaps data is not a term you would normally use to describe your research output, yet data comprise the primary building blocks of all information in any field of knowledge.  They take a number of forms, being identifiable as collections of numbers, characters, images or other symbols that when contextualised in certain ways come to represent communicable facts, figures or ideas.

The Digital Curation Centre (DCC) exists to help you as members of the UK’s research community by equipping you with the knowledge and techniques for managing electronic data.  We can provide you with guidance and tools for assessing your data’s asset value or with advice on how to plan for its long-term accessibility and use, using a systematic approach that will help you meet your data planning obligations as set by the research funding agencies.

The DCC has now been active in this field for eight years and we need to
understand how well we have engaged with the research community.  We also hope to understand what progress has still to be made and to ensure that we remain responsive to your data management priorities.
Accordingly, you are invited to complete the short questionnaire at 

The questionnaire should take you between 10 and 15 minutes.  This questionnaire is designed to elicit your perception of key data management practices, your experience of national data management programmes and your knowledge about the DCC and its work.

Learn more about the university research publications repository Opus at:

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