Web of Knowledge upgrade

Web of Knowledge has been upgraded to a new version (5.3). This includes the following new features that you may find enhances your searching:

  • No stop words, so you can now search for ‘Vitamin A’ or ‘Further Education’.
  • Search engine automatically helps find variations:
    – stemming for plurals, including those that don’t simply end with ‘s’, e.g.tooth/teeth
    – different verb tenses
    – degrees of comparison e.g. loud/louder/loudest
    – British/US spelling variations e.g. behavior/behaviour
    – Left hand truncation now possible e.g. *saccharide
  • New NEAR/x operator e.g. oil near/5 spill
  • Search full words in Address field (University, College, etc)
  • Search full Author name (for records from 2007+)

Further information is available here: http://isiwebofknowledge.com/about/newwok/  If you need any help with searching Web of Knowledge, please contact your subject librarian.

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