Web of Knowledge

The following problems appear to have now been resolved

The Library has received reports of a number of problems with the new version of Web of Knowledge (v. 5.3).

Response times.  The database provider, Thomson Reuters,  says: ‘We are currently experiencing performance issues with Web of Knowledge access, search and navigation. Our technical staff is working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.’  If you experience this, we suggest that you use the ‘old’ Web of Knowledge (v. 4.10) using the blue link in the right hand column of new WoK which says ‘Access the previous version of the Web of Knowledge’.

Errors in the citation data: also refer to 29th July update.  We have had reports of citation counts and H-indexes being lower than they should be.  Here is the response from the database provider:  ‘We have been having issues with H-index and Citation counts in Web of Knowledge 5.3 and our technology team is investigating on the issue.’  We expect to be informed when this is resolved but we would advise you to use ‘old’ WoK for your citation counts in the meantime.

Problems with exporting to EndNote Web: these are also due to slow response times.  The best solution, again, is to use ‘old’ WoK.  Alternatively here is some advice from the database support team: ‘Wait until all the results are fully loaded – this can take some time due to present problems, but loading of results should be completed fully before attempting to Export marked records . (This will need to be watched carefully as results are shown before all pages of results are fully loaded.)   Although error messaging may be diplayed – move to the EndNote web tab/link available.  Check the EndNote Web page for exported references by ensuring that the results are ordered by latest date (it appears that it is defaulting by listing by Author) it may appear as if they are not exported if there are records from previous downloads in the folder.  Due to the slowness of the services it may help to export records in smaller batches. ‘

If you experience any other problems, please let us know via the comments feature below, or contact your subject librarian. You may also find useful information within the Web of Knowledge FAQs.

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