Odysci – a new Computer Science and Electronics web portal

Odysci is a new web portal which searches across several key Computer Science and Electronics resources, containing both ACM and IEEE publication records, as well as those from other databases, plus CiteSeerX and DBLP.

They emphasise their functionality for locating and ranking records for technical papers as well as peer collaboration – the capability for this is still developing in the beta version. They aim to eventually include technical white papers.

Beyond the usual search options, Odysci provides author searching e.g. search for author@”University of Bath” to retrieve records for publications by our staff, or search for specific authors linked to institutions, or papers which received awards. The site also alerts users to upcoming conferences, “best papers” and includes comments by select “experts”.

The beta version of Odysci is now listed in the list of useful links for subject searching within the Library’s Subject pages for Computer Science

It is important to note that we already have subscriptions to IEEE Xplore and ACM Digital Library which can be searched as separate databases with their own features, functionality and links to full text via our subscriptions.

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