Embase: new version from 1st August

From 1st August, the Library will be providing access to Embase via the Elsevier platform rather than the existing OVID platform. Access to the  latter will be switched off on Tuesday 31st July. It is hoped that researchers will find the new version simpler to search. Coverage will also be extended from August 1st so that references to literature can be found from 1947 onwards.

To find out how the “new” Embase works before August 1st, you can click on the links for “Embase (new version)” where they appear within the Library’s subject webpages.

Please note: If you’ve been using the existing OVID platform to set up alerts and to save search histories, these will be unfortunately lost when access is switched off. Therefore, if you have used Embase in this way, you might like to take a note of the relevant searches before August 1st. In the “new” Embase, it’s also possible to set up alerts and save histories but it’s not possible to perform automated transfers between both platforms.

Please contact your subject librarian if you have any questions about the changeover or if you would like to comment on your experience of the new interface.

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