Limited access to ERIC full-text documents

The ERIC management team and the U.S. Department of  Education have taken the decision to temporarily block access to full-text documents in ERIC, in order to check each document to ensure that it does not contain personal information that risks the identification of an individual.

The checking will take some time, given that there are 300,000+ full-text documents in ERIC.  To date, 20,000 documents have been checked and restored.  Priority is being given to documents that are requested by ERIC users.  To make a request, please email quoting the document’s ERIC number (EDxxxxxx).

Until normal service resumes, please be aware that full text may not be available, even if a PDF link is displayed.  It is recommended that you do not choose the option, ‘Show only results with free full text directly from ERIC’, when using the free version of ERIC  or the option, ‘ERIC linked full text’, when using the ProQuest Dialog DataStar version of ERIC.

For further updates: please check the Alert section of the ERIC website.

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