New guidance on referencing

Throughout 2012 the Library has been working hard on providing additional support for referencing.  We try to focus on explaining the principles behind referencing and have created a guide that sets these out:

There are a number of different referencing styles in use throughout the University.  We  have provided guidance in the form of ‘stylesheets’, available through the library website:
The styles which are currently supported are:

Royal Society of Chemistry

APA 6th edn.
Harvard (Bath)
Harvard (International Standard)

Please note that there are many variations of ‘Harvard’ style: this basically means using the name/date system of referencing as opposed to numerical.  The closest thing to a set of rules for Harvard style is the International Standard (BS ISO 690:2010).  This version of Harvard is quite different to that in the previous Library referencing guide, for example it includes the use of ISBN and ISSN numbers.  As this version is not in common usage, we have continued to provide our adapted version of Harvard, as in the previous Library referencing guide, now named ‘Harvard (Bath)’.

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