New National Chemical Database Service from RSC

The Royal Society of Chemistry launched a new National Chemical Database Service on 2nd January. The service is primarily aimed at researchers and is funded by the EPSRC. Access is currently by IP recognition, so if you are on campus you can go directly via the link above. For off-campus access, use the link on the library website:

The following databases are available, with web-based access:

Available Chemicals Directory (ACD)
Pricing and supplier information for over 7 million unique chemicals from about 900 suppliers worldwide.

Inorganic Crystal Structure Database (ICSD)
A database of over 140,000 inorganic and related structures. Access is via FIZ Karlsruhe.
You can register yourself with an extra Login ID and Password in order to store your searches.

– find experimental and or predicted physical properties and NMR spectra
– generate name from structure or structure from name

This claims to be the third largest structure and reaction database after SciFinder and Reaxys, with 11 million structures and 4 million reactions.

The Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) is available for access using X-Windows. You need to register on the RSC website to receive an e-mail with access details.

Please contact Linda Humphreys for further help or information.

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