Guest speaker from ‘eLife’ journal in at departmental seminar

We have a guest speaker from the new journal ‘eLife’ joining us on Wednesday (1:15pm), organised via the Pharmacy & Pharmacology seminar series.  The session will be of interest to all researchers – postgrads, postdocs and academic staff.
A brief outline of the session is provided below:

This years penulitmate Departmental seminar has been arranged in conjunction with the library staff to discuss a new model of open access publishing.

Kara Jones from the UoB library will briefly introduce some new developments at the University of Bath in relation to open access publishing – see attached – in light of the RCUK new guidelines that all RCUK funded research must be  published in an open access manner – and the potential development that all REF output beyond REF2014 will need to be freely accessible

The seminar will be delivered by Mark Patterson, Executive Director of eLife

“eLife – designing a digital research journal fit for purpose”

The seminar will be followed by coffee and biscuits and an opportunity for people to interact with the seminar speaker and library staff answering any questions regarding the evolving face of open access publishing.

ABOUT MARK PATTERSON: In June 2011, three of the world’s leading research funding agencies -the Wellcome Trust, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Max Planck Society – announced plans to launch a top-tier, open-access research journal covering the life and biomedical sciences.  eLife was launched in December 2012.  Mark Patterson started his career as a researcher in genetics before moving into scientific publishing in 1994 as the Editor of Trends in Genetics.  After a few years at Nature, where he was involved in the launch of the Nature Reviews Journals, he moved to PLOS in 2003.  As the Director of Publishing, Mark helped to launch several of the PLOS Journals and was one of the founders of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association. Mark is also a member of the UK Open Access Implementation Group. In November 2011, Mark joined eLife and currently serves as the Executive Director.

About Kara

Head of Library Research Services at the University of Bath Library
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