Changes to Reaxys Database

Reaxys allows you to search for chemical structures, reactions and properties.  A new version is due to be released in June which has greatly expanded content including bibliographic data and abstracts from over 16,000 journals, so it should be useful for topic searching. There are other more minor changes – for details see this PDF document:

You can use the new version now by clicking ‘Access the new user interface’ in the top right hand corner of the Reaxys screen.  At some point – probably June 9th – access to the current interface will be withdrawn and we will link directly to the new one.

There will be no change to any alerts you have set up, but this is what they say about saved searches: Q:Will my previously saved searches/saved queries still be available in the new version? A: Typically queries are saved locally on your workstation and they can be re-imported in the new version.  However, we will not be able to translate the previous queries into the query forms on the standard tab.  Instead the query will be loaded into the Advanced tab and can be executed from there. Saved hitsets can be re-opened in the new Reaxys as usual via the History tab.

If you experience any problems with Reaxys or would like to give feedback on the new version, please contact Linda Humphreys:

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