Scanning of research theses from library stock

With the aim of making University of Bath research theses more easily accessible to our borrowers and visitors to the Library, a number of works written in the period 1986-2007 are in the process of being packed up and sent out of the library to be scanned.  This process is due to be completed by the end of the vacation period in September if not sooner.

At present print theses volumes are only available for reference use in the Library building limiting the potential audience and their value as an information resource.  Once the scanning process has been completed, the fulltext of an additional two thousand research theses will be made available to any viewer online via the Opus institutional repository and main Library catalogue.

Once all the works destined for scanning have been gathered up, the library catalogue records will be updated to reflect their unavailable status.  However, University members and visitors alike are advised to contact Library staff to confirm the availability of works written in the period 1986-2007 should they be urgently required during the vacation period.

Chris Roberts, Reader Services Librarian

Library Issue Desk

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