Journal Citation Reports (JCR): 2012 data released

Journal Citation Reports (JCR) has just been updated to include data from 2012. The latest release also expands significantly its coverage of titles that focus on regional interests. Please note that data from 2013 is scheduled for release in Summer 2014.

Connect to JCR.  Please note  that you can also connect via the Library Catalogue and that there are many links to JCR from within the Library ‘s Subject Resources.

What is JCR? JCR is a database that measures quantatively the relative impact of individual journal titles (covering journals indexed by the Web of Science).  The best known JCR measurement is the “impact factor” which measures the number of times a journal is cited over a specific period of time and in relation to the number of papers it publishes.  JCR enables you to compare a range of journals’ impact factors across a specific subject area.  Please note that different subjects attract different levels of citation so comparisons between multidisciplinary titles can be difficult and new titles take a while to establish themselves.

Further information and training
: please refer to or contact your Subject Librarian.  You can also register to view an online tutorial.

Scopus: researchers also use the Scopus database to find impact scores – to do this, enter Scopus and click on its ‘Analytics’ option.  Scopus indexes a different range of journals to those indexed by Web of Science.   More information.
Connect to Scopus.  You can also connect to Scopus from the Library Catalogue and there are many links to the database from within from the Library ‘s Subject Resources.

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