Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry – trial access

Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry is a new database which offers a number of features that are possibly unique and probably not available through any existing Library-subscribed databases. Elsevier say you can “filter your searches using:
◦Molecular targets or target families
◦Pharmacological effects and effect classes
◦Quantitative and qualitative compound-target interaction data
◦Protocols applied for measurement of data
◦Cell lines used in experiments to measure endpoint parameters
◦Individual bioassays or bioassay types”
There is a PDF document with further information.

Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry is on trial until 17th August. You can access it from:
Click ‘create a new account’
Enter your chosen login ID, your Bath email address and an alphanumeric password (no special characters).

We’d be interested in your views: how useful would this be for your research? Do you know of any other sources (eg any EBI/NCBI databases) that will fulfil this role? Please email or use the comments feature below.

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