UpToDate: trial access to medical & pharmaceutical database

The Library is providing trial access to the medical and pharmaceutical database, UpToDate, up until the end of October 2013.

UpToDate provides evidence-based information on a broad range of conditions.  Various themes are covered in relation to each condition; these include causes, diagnoses, epidemiology, genetics and treatments/management.  The content is peer-reviewed and authored by doctors, and the database is by practitioners in many hospitals: more information about UpToDate.

You can access UpToDate at: http://libproxy.bath.ac.uk/login?url=http://www.uptodate.com/contents/search and there’s a link to the database on the library’s webpage for health resources.

We welcome your comments on your experience of using the database. If you would like to comment, please either respond to this webblog entry or contact your Subject Librarian.

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2 Responses to UpToDate: trial access to medical & pharmaceutical database

  1. Laura Haynes says:

    This is a really useful resource. I am a GP doing the MSK course. This resource provides really useful summaries of the evidence. It is more in depth than the resources I would use in surgery (eg patient.co.uk and GP notebook) and so a great starting point accessing the evidence behind our practice. Therefore I would say a really good resource for the university library and I hope you will keep it

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