New and improved Library guides – including enhanced referencing advice!

The Library has enhanced and updated its provision of Library guides over the Summer. The enhanced guides offer a cleaner, simpler aesthetic and have given us an opportunity to update guidance where services and resources have changed as well as remove any inconsistencies and errors from previous editions:

new guides image

Where can I find the guides?

All of our guides are available in PDF format on the Library guides web page so they are easy to find and print. A selection of guides appropriate to each floor are available in print format on displays across Levels 2, 3, 4 and 5. Several guides are also available in HTML and Word format and you may have noticed that the series of Resources for Your Subject… guides have been consolidated into the condensed Guide to Using your Library, so as to avoid duplication of content.

What about the Referencing guides?

Our ever popular referencing guides have been overhauled in the last year and this latest revision has removed a few inconsistencies, as well as refreshing many of the examples included. The styles and conventions have not changed dramatically. The core principles guide which covers all the basics – what, why and how to cite and reference – is essential reading (Guide to Citing & Referencing) and is supplemented with specific style sheets which demonstrate how to cite and reference in annotated (Name-Date) convention e.g. APA 6th and Harvard Bath styles, as well as numeric system e.g. RSC style. We also link to IEEE and Vancouver style guidance whilst our own bespoke style sheets are in development.

Please contact us if you need any help or advice accessing these guides.

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