Hundreds of new Computer Science and Engineering e-Books now available from MIT Press

The MIT Press in collaboration with IEEE has made available it’s complete archive of 480+ ebooks in the fields of Computer Science & Engineering. The Library has purchased this content in perpetuity and you can now access these titles via the Library catalogue, or by browsing the listings on the IEEE Xplore database via the following link:

  • Browse ebook titles alphabetically here. Note: you can change the Display Options to Include titles from: only MIT Press (MITP) or IEEE publications. The default includes both (over 1000 titles).

You can  access over 10,000 individual chapters from the titles in the MIT collection. These can be downloaded in PDF format. This is high-quality, scholarly content. Several of these books have won the American Publishers Award for Professional and Scholarly Excellence (PROSE).

mit ieee

This collection enhances our existing ebook holdings from the IEEE, which includes the complete ebook archive for Wiley-IEEE, beginning from 1974 and recently extended up to and including the new 2013 publications. This comprises over 600 titles. The majority of these titles were published from 2000 onwards, so the content remains current and cutting edge. You can find out more about our IEEE collections online, which also includes journals, conference proceedings and standards.

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