Trial of Passport Industrial from Euromonitor

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The Library has trial access to the Global Industrial Analysis section of Euromonitor’s Passport database from Tuesday 4th December until Friday 6th December (until 5.30pm).

The database provides a 360 degree view of every industry in the world’s 18 largest economies – Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, UK, USA (covering 78% of global GDP) and splits each economy into 177 industries (ISIC – International Standard Industrial Classification) making it the ideal resource for both global B2B and B2C analysis. It offers both qualitative and cross-comparable quantitative data (both historical and forecasted data -1997-2018) and includes data on; industry sizes, profitability measures, buyers/suppliers structure firmographics, producer price indexes, producer volume indexes, profitability, value add, imports/exports coupled with attractiveness indexes and interactive tools.

Once you have opened Passport, hover your mouse on the INDUSTRIES tab on the black navigation bar at the top of the page and from the drop down menu on the right-hand side click on the INDUSTRIAL option. On the Industrial homepage you can navigate the full contents package which includes access to all the cross country comparable industry statistics via the SEARCH TREE menu, all the reports via the ANALYSIS FINDER menu and the visualisation tool which brings to life all the statistics via the DASHBOARD banner.

To find the trial you need to access our existing subscription to Passport here:

Please provide any feedback on this product to the Management Librarians, Jane Hill and Helen Rhodes on

About Helen Rhodes, Management Librarian

Management Subject Librarian University of Bath Helen is a Chartered Librarian with over 20 years’ experience in Government and university libraries. Helen began her university education in behavioural sciences and she studied psychology as an undergraduate before completing a Masters’ degree at the University of Bristol in Information Management. As part of her role in supporting students and staff at the University of Bath, Helen creates learning materials and particularly enjoys experimenting with new learning technologies.
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