Inter-semester break 7-day loan arrangements

It is expected that some students will leave the campus at the end of the examinations period during the Inter-Semester Break, Monday 27 – Friday 31 January.

The Library Loans system will be adjusted so as 7-day loan items that would normally be due to be returned or renewed within the Inter-Semester Break period will skip this week and instead need to be returned or renewed at the commencement of Semester 2, Monday 3 February.

This means that 7-day loan items borrowed or successfully renewed between Saturday 18 January and Friday 24 January will not be due for return or renewal until Monday 3 February.  Items with reservations that cannot be renewed will need to be returned on or before their original due dates.

If you have 28-day loan items on loan to you, unless they have reservations from other users on them, you should be able to renew them and extend the due dates beyond the Inter-Semester Break week from early January.

The loan arrangements for Short Loan items kept at the Issue Desk will be unchanged during the Inter-Semester Break period.

Books borrowed during the Inter-Semester Break will be issued as normal for 7-days or 28-days.  Semester-time Library Services and staffing hours will not change during the  Inter-Semester Break.

About Chris Roberts

Reader Services Librarian, Library Issue Desk, University of Bath
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