Chatham House Archive – trial access during January

We have a trial of the Chatham House Archive – the publications and archives of the Royal Institute of International Affairs from 1920 to (currently) 1979.  The Archive is published by Cengage Learning.

Connect to the Chatham House Archive

The trial runs from now until 5th February 2014.  Access during the trial is only available on campus or via VPN or Remote Desktop.

Should we buy the Chatham House Archive?
Please send your opinions and feedback to Katy Jordan in the Library.

What is Chatham House and what’s in the archive?
Chatham House is a major world think-tank, second only to the Brookings Institute in the US.  When fully published (scheduled for June 2014), the archive will cover the years 1920 – 2008, providing over 90 years of high level analysis and research on global events and issues.

The Chatham House Archive includes over half a million pages of full-text documents – briefing papers, special reports, pamphlets, conference papers and monographs, plus the full text of the journals International Affairs and The World Today.  Also it provides unique access to thousands of hours of audio and video recordings (with full transcripts) of lectures and speeches.

For more information, visit the Cengage website or contact Katy Jordan in the Library.

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