Science and Engineering videos – top tips and tricks!

To celebrate, the Library is releasing a series of short videos across this period to promote a few of our key resources. This will include tips and tricks with Science and Engineering software e.g. how to edit and annotate OS maps in Digimap and how to use ChemDraw to draw Chemical Structures, as well as helpful hints for finding articles, patents or data using some of our key databases e.g.  the RIBA catalogue and Espacenet.

You can view the videos as they become available via the links below. Watch this space!

14 March – Day 1: we are looking at making maps:

17 March- Day 2: drawing chemical structures:

18 March –  Day 3: add to your drawing skills:

19 March – Day 4: finding patent documents online:

20 March – Day 5: chemical structure searching with SciFinder! – Length 4 mins.

21 March – Day 6: Finding Architecture articles – coming soon!

These short videos will cover specific examples. Should you require further help and advice, please contact your Subject Librarian.

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