Detail Inspiration: full-text Architectural Projects now available

The Library has now acquired access to the Detail Inspiration database which provides full-text PDF article content from Detail magazineover 1,300 Projects from 1980 onward. The full archive, providing content from issue 1 (c.1962) will become available to us as the database is developed and the legacy content is digitised.

Each project has been individually indexed and the records provide a brief description, reference images, PDF and link to the relevant company website. The smart indexing enables you to search effectively for projects by keyword and/or browse by:

  • building type e.g. residential
  • construction e.g. facade construction -> building envelope
  • material e.g. roof material -> solar modules
  • topic e.g. GREEN
  • issue no. e.g. 03/2014
  • location e.g. country, place or postal code
  • build year i.e. a sliding range from 1939 to the current year.

These options are provided in an intuitive hierarchy on the right-hand side of the web page. Click the Refine button to search by your chosen options.

detailAlternatively, you can go to the Detail magazine archive section of the website and browse back issues directly.

Any comments and feedback on this resource would be welcome. The database itself is now listed as a key database on the Library’s Architecture & Civil Engineering subject page.

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