Open Access Button

Can’t access a paper? Use the Open Access Button to tell the world that you can’t get the research you need!

If you’re doing research you’ve probably had this happen to you: You’ve found something that looks like it could be useful. The abstract looks promising and it’s in a respectable journal. Unfortunately it’s in a journal that the library doesn’t subscribe to and you’ve hit a paywall. You can always order it as an inter-library loan, of course, but this isn’t always feasible.

The open access movement is trying to change this situation so that anyone who wants to read research can do so. Part of the process is proving that this is a significant problem. To this end, a team of students have produced the Open Access Button. It’s a little button that you can put in your browser’s links bar and click whenever you’re denied access to a journal article.

The button records details of where you are, what you’ve been prevented from accessing and why you need it. It then puts those details onto a map counting all the instances of people being denied access to research. The map is then used to raise awareness of the problem


The more the button is used, the more useful it is so take a look and add it to your browser today:

About Kara

Head of Library Research Services at the University of Bath Library
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