F1000 Prime: trial access until 21 July

F1000Prime provides a way to keep up-to-date with research in biological and medical research. Articles are selected by a peer-nominated global ‘faculty’ of the world’s leading scientists and clinicians, who score articles and write a short commentary to explain their importance.

The article recommendations form a fully searchable database containing more than 150,000 records. On average, 1,000 new recommendations are contributed by the Faculty each month. The service covers over 40 disciplines and more than 3,700 journals.

F1000Prime also has a ‘Hidden Jewels’ feature, which highlights important papers in more specialist journals, bringing recognition to journals that may be overlooked if judged purely on readership or Journal Impact Factor alone.
During the trial you can view articles held in the library collection via the LINKS button:Links button

To access:
To get the most from F1000Prime, register for a trial account at http://libproxy.bath.ac.uk/login?url=http://f1000.com/prime
This enables you to:

Please note that after the trial ends this account will become dormant.

It is possible to view article recommendations without registering for a trial account. To do so click here: http://libproxy.bath.ac.uk/login?url=f1000.com/prime/recommendations

Further help & feedback:

Short videos are available from the F1000 Prime YouTube channel at http://tinyurl.com/mjbz8qa
WebEx demonstrations can also be arranged.

Your feedback is welcome. Please contact your subject librarian with feedback or if you require further information.

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