New SAE content: access standards, magazines & technical paper backfiles

sae-internationalThe SAE Digital Library is an excellent resource for mobility, automotive and aerospace engineering. Our subscription gives us access to thousands of Technical Papers and in the last year we enhanced our SAE Digital Library subscription with over 130 SAE e-books. These e-books can also be found via keyword searching the Library Catalogue.

We have now enhanced our subscription to more than double the amount of full text Technical papers (94,000) by including the pre-1998 backfile content.

In addition, we can now browse, search and access the following collections of Standards and Magazines from the SAE on the same platform:


  • SAE Ground Vehicle Standards (J-Reports) – 2,100+ documents
  • SAE Aerospace Materials Specifications (AMS) – 3,100+ documents
  • SAE Aerospace Standards (AS) – 5,000+ documents
  • SAE Historical Standards – 10,000+ (J-Reports, AMS, AS)


  • Automotive Engineering International
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Off-Highway Engineering

sae magazines

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