Phaidon Atlas trial – building projects online

Trial access to the online Phaidon Atlas platform for architects has been set up until the end of December 2014.

  • This online resource enables you to search across over 3,000 building projects since the year 2000
  • It covers work from across 115 countries and over 1,500 architects
  • Each project features photographs, technical drawings and sketches
  • Filter buildings by: accessibility, building environment, building type, location, urban density, elements, material, structure or sustainability info

Search projects using a simple keyword search and filtering options or zoom in and out of a global map to select projects by location.

I’ve recorded a quick video demo for searching to give an example of how you might search [requires audio].

If you have any feedback on this trial, please let me know. Please take a couple of minutes to complete this short survey:

This survey asks you to compare your experience with Phaidon Atlas with our other building projects databases – AJBL and Detail Inspiration (English Detail / German Detail – use translate option in Google Chrome to use facets in English).


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