Group & quiet study: extra spaces on campus to find or reserve

Additional quiet study spaces on campus

You may have spotted that two teaching rooms have been made available on campus for additional student quiet study between 11 am and 2pm  every working day. These are 8W2.30 (60 seater) and CB5.1 (80 seater).

Bookable group study & workstations on campus

Students can also book some group study spaces and workstations online via the room booking site. These are based in the Chancellors’ Building and also 8W1.28. You can only book a max of 2 hours of space per day.

Bookable group workrooms in the Library

workroomThe following rooms can be booked by students for up to two hours per week for group study using a sign up sheet on the door:

At the rear West corner of Level 2 in the Library are a couple of bookable group workrooms with projectors and whiteboards. One room has an interactive screen. An ideal space if you want to discuss your project work, revise as a group or practice a presentation.

IMG_4544A small group study room with whiteboard can also be found adjacent to the Library’s PC training room on
Level 1.

There is also a bookable workroom with a projector and whiteboard near the front of Level 4, as well as a larger, non-bookable group study area.

Additional study areas in the Library

This post has focused on extra and bookable study spaces for quiet or group study. The Library has over 1,200 study spaces, spread across 5 floors. Most of the Library is designated quiet study, with silent study on Level 1 and Level 5. Level 2 is our services floor, providing a less formal space with seating for socialising. There is also a designated postgraduate workroom on Level 5, plus we have an Assistive Technologies room on Level 3 for students with a disability who have registered with the Disability Service.

What do you think of our study spaces?

seating and workstationsComment on this post to let us know which study spaces you prefer and which you would like to see more (or less!) of. If you would like to learn more about our study rooms, Computing Services support and how to book extra equipment see our Study areas web page.

Finally, remember we are more than just a physical space; you can also make the most of our online presence, explore our Library website and e-resources.

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