Book of the week!

membraneThis week’s recommendation is: Comprehensive Membrane Science and Engineering (edited by Enrico Drioli and Lidietta Giorno). It’s an e-book so you can read it online in PDF chapter chunks…

Membranes in industry are big business (many billions of dollars worth!) and there is a great wealth of research, explanation and case studies included in this four volume e-book set. It starts with the basics in the first volume, e.g. transport phenomena in membranes. It expands and covers a wide range of applications such as chemical purification, separation processes, etc. before detailing recent advancements and the future of the field (e.g. artificial organs) in later volumes.

This e-book is likely to be of real value to Chemical Engineers and those in related scientific fields. It will be of particular interest to those studying regenerative medicine, membrane reactors and advanced materials.

If you’d like to join in with our book of the week feature you can add a comment about this book, or tell us your own recommendation and who knows, maybe they’ll feature in a future book of the week post!

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