New Library landing page coming soon!

The Library web team is working with Digital Marketing and Communications (DMC) to relaunch the Library’s landing page (AKA homepage) in a new style. The new page goes live on the morning of Wednesday 18 March 2015. This update is based on the success of the new student homepage as well as research conducted by DMC and the Library, which includes feedback from staff and students on the new and current style. Benefits include:

  • Clean, colourful and simpler structure
  • Mobile friendly – responsive design adjusts to fit device screen size
  • Stylistic consistency with other University web pages

New Landing Page PreviewOnce the new landing page is live, the rest of the Library website will be audited prior to a project to bring the remainder in line with the new style. This will involve streamlining and reducing the number of pages, making the structure flatter and reworking content to better reflect user preferences in preparation for a transition to the next Web CMS.

If you have any feeback about the new style, please comment on this blog post below or contact

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