Book of the week!

What Architects Cook Up brings together 30 architects and their favourite recipes filtered through their own personality and aesthetics with the support of professional chefs.

cook“At the beginning of this book project the question was asked: What does an architect’s recipe composition tell us about his planning methods for complex construction tasks?”

For one thing it explores the various parallels between architecture and cooking, for example pleasure of experimentation versus comfort and familiarity. Several recipes play literally with structures e.g. Mozarella towers, or the façade effect of steamed sea bass skin on a cleverly assembled lattice of green beans. Elsewhere it is more subtle, such as in Kengo Kuma’s cold soba with hot duck soup, where the architect himself takes pleasure in the collision of contrasts where “Cold meets hot, solid meets liquid, squares meet circles, water meets oil…” Elsewhere there are laser-cut noodles and “parametric pasta”, which take on unique forms during cooking.

If you are an enthusiastic cook, there is a nice range of (some) simple and (several) complex recipes, with great photography and lots of sketches and explanation behind them. If you are more interested in design, there are still little gems to gleam throughout. Failing that there is a lot of amusing playfulness, particularly in the 1:1 section scale of swiss roll, with its 5mm  “Cladding” of “powdersugar” (“Colour RAL 9003, signal white”), pecan “Insulation”, etc.

You can find this book at 720.092 DAU on Level 3 of the Library. Perhaps you could send us a picture if you attempt one of the recipes, or maybe you will be inspired to devise your own…

If you’d like to join in with our book of the week feature you can add a comment about this book, or tell us your own recommendation and who knows, maybe they’ll feature in a future book of the week post!

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