Open Access: Biology and Medicine Posters!

F1000 (Faculty of 1000) have created an open access repository for posters from national and international conferences on Biological and Medical topics. F1000Posters aim to preserve and promote research and case studies that would otherwise be quickly lost (or prove hard to find) after the conference, especially if they do not eventually form the basis for an article. Currently there are over 7,800 posters and slides which you can browse.

Submissions are invited for new posters to help you maximise the exposure of your research. Posters may also be included that have not been presented at a conference (e.g. student poster days etc); for these, 3-4 reviewer names will be requested who can be invited to provide a ‘stamp of approval’ for the poster.

Deposition will bring the attention of a much wider audience to the novel work being presented than can be achieved by attending a single conference. Top-performing posters on the site are receiving 400-850 views in a month, and the site already includes posters deposited from over 200 conferences since its launch in June 2010.

Contribution is quick, simple and free.  Go to the F1000Posters site and register for an account and sign in. Once you have done so, you can just go to the online submission form ( to provide basic bibliographic details about the poster or presentation, and then upload the poster PDF or slides and a short summary.

For any questions, contact the F1000 Posters team at

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