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Maths is everywhere, often where we don’t even realise. In The joy of X : a guided tour of mathematics, from one to infinity award-winning professor Steven Strogatz acts as our guide as he takes us on a tour of numbers that – unbeknownst to the unitiated – connect pop culture, literature, art, philosophy, current affairs, business and even every day life.

indexWhether you’re smart and curious, the expert or the beginner this book is a fun look at how Maths occurs in your everyday life. It’s Maths and it’s clear why it won MIT’s E.M.Baker Award, which is an institute-wide teaching prize selected solely by students.

This book can be found at 510 STR on Level 4.

If you’d like to join in with our book of the week feature you can add a comment about this book, or tell us your own recommendation and who knows, maybe they’ll feature in a future book of the week post!

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