Book of the week! BRICK

brick“…as well as hardness, history, beauty and character, brick possesses great subtlety.” – Dan Cruickshank (from his introduction to Brick, p.9)

This books is a real, visual celebration of bricks in architecture. It takes a journey from buildings in the world’s first cities through to new and innovative construction. as well as creative re-use and reclamation.

The sheer variety, versatility and ingenuity of the structures presented is astounding, with examples from many of the world’s most famous architects – including an abundance of Louis Kahn’s famous brick arches!

The strong representation of religious and sacred buildings perhaps reflects the transcendent nature of the material, inferred throughout this publication. Gruntvig’s church is a fine example (p.119).

One of the most visually striking is the multi-coloured ‘cathedral-like’ brick entrance to Behrens’ Technical Administration Building of Hoechst AG (p.124), but there certainly is plenty to admire.

This book can be found at 721.04421 HAL on Level 3.

If you’d like to join in with our book of the week feature you can add a comment about this book, or tell us your own recommendation and who knows, maybe they’ll feature in a future book of the week post!

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