New Library referencing style guide for IEEE

The Library provides a variety of Referencing Style Sheets that are to be used in conjunction with our general Guide to Citing and Referencing. The Library’s Engineering & Design team has recently developed its own new IEEE Style Sheet.

IEEE style is used mainly in Electronic and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. This style sheet gives general guidelines based on the IEEE’s citation and referencing guide. We refer to this document, but we have found that most people find it a bit ambiguous and difficult to apply.

There are still a variety of IEEE styles and reference management software often vary in their approach to these, so do check with your department on what they expect. Our new guide is a best-fit approach to IEEE style. Several Universities provide different approaches to IEEE style too. It is important to be consistent with whichever style you choose to use.

Essentially IEEE style is a numeric referencing style using numbered citations in square brackets e.g. [1]. The format of the full references at the end are what tend to cause most confusion. We hope that our new guide helps staff and students alike to get to grip with this style.

As always, your comments and views are more than welcome. Please let us know what you think. A PDF version of the guide is also available and it will shortly be available in print from the guides image

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