Publish in top quality Open Access journals without worrying about the cost!

If you are publishing your research in a top quality gold Open Access journal that requires you to pay an article processing charge, the Library Research Services Team may be able to cover the cost.

The new University of Bath Open Access Fund is available to all University of Bath authors publishing in gold only Open Access journals that are in the top quartile for their field according the Scimago journal rankings (for example, PLoS Biology or PLoS Genetics, Nature Communications, BMC Public Health, BMJ Open, etc).OAlogo

Additionally, in exceptional circumstances, we may be able to fund publications in other top quality journals that offer green (self-archiving) Open Access as well as gold with the approval of the appropriate Associate Dean (Research).

Previously, the library only had access to funding for publications arising from RCUK or Wellcome Trust funding. This new fund ensures that all our researchers are free to publish in high quality paid Open Access Journals.

Open Access ensures that everyone has free access to research we publish. By embracing Open Access, researchers ensure the widest possible audience for their work, which in turn increases the likelihood that their research will be cited. The Library Research Services team are happy to discuss any Open Access questions that Bath researchers might have.

You can apply for the fund using this form:

If you have any questions, please send them to or contact Alex Clarke, Repository Support Librarian on ext 5114.

Key terms:

APC – Article Processing Charge, often between £800 – £2500.

Green Open Access –The authors’ accepted manuscript is made open access via a repository after an embargo period. The published PDF is available for subscribers only from the journal website.

Gold Open Access – An article that is made Open Access upon payment of an APC. The published article is freely available to readers from the journal website.

Hybrid journal – The journal operates a traditional subscription model, but offers Gold Open Access options for individual articles which will then be free of charge to all readers.

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