Requesting and accessing electronic inter-library loans

The way you access electronic inter-library loans has changed. You will now receive electronic files via the British Library’s DRM Lite system. To receive these you must first register with the British Library. Note that the way you place your requests remains unchanged.

The benefits of the DRM Lite delivery solution are as follows:

  • Files can be downloaded to a variety of desktop and mobile devices
  • Files can be accessed for up to three years
  • No need to install third party software

To continue receiving electronic inter-library loans, please read on.

1 – Requesting electronic documents

  • To request an electronic inter-library loan please complete the University of Bath Library’s on-line request form.

2 – Register to access electronic documents

  • In order to access electronic inter-library loans you must register with the British Library. This is a one off registration process which takes approx. 5 minutes to complete.
  • Guidance on the British Library’s registration and information on DRM Lite is available on our web pages.

3 – Accessing your electronic documents

  • You will need Adobe Reader 10 or later installed on your device
  • If your browser has an in built PDF viewer. E.g. Google Chrome, you will need to disable it before you can read this document. If you are using Google Chrome as your browser, to do this, scroll down to Chrome PDF viewer and click on disable. Alternatively you could use a different browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  • You will receive an email from the British Library to your … address
  • Click on the “Click to download your document” button
  • You will then be prompted to authenticate the document with your British Library username and password
  • Save the file immediately
  • We strongly recommend that you print a copy

N.b. Please note that note that due to variations in lending policies not all documents will be supplied electronically. There may still be occasions where you will be required to collect hard copies from the Inter-Library Loan office.

If you have any queries relating to the above information, please contact a member of the tel: 01225 386583

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