Business and Management Resource of the Month: FAME

London Skyline

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FAME (Financial Analysis Made Easy) is one of a suite of financial products from BvD.  It is a user-friendly platform which covers 9.6 million UK and Irish companies.   Features include:

  • Up to 30 years of financials
  • Directors and managers
  • Financial credit scores and ratings
  • Shareholders and subsidiaries
  • Original, as filed accounts and documents

Using Fame you can:

  • Find a company’s financial strength

  • Discover companies by size, industry and location
  • List all companies in the same corporate “family”
  • Analyse a company in relation to its peers
  • Show your results graphically to help you interpret and display your research
  • Export your results for analysis
  • Compare groups of companies against each other

Find FAME on the Resources for Management web site. For more information about using FAME contact the Management Subject Librarians Jane Hill and Helen Rhodes on

About Helen Rhodes, Management Librarian

Management Subject Librarian University of Bath Helen is a Chartered Librarian with over 20 years’ experience in Government and university libraries. Helen began her university education in behavioural sciences and she studied psychology as an undergraduate before completing a Masters’ degree at the University of Bristol in Information Management. As part of her role in supporting students and staff at the University of Bath, Helen creates learning materials and particularly enjoys experimenting with new learning technologies.
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