Christmas Vacation Loans 2015: Information for borrowers

For your information,  7-day loan items successfully renewed or borrowed from Friday 4 December will be loaned to borrowers until Friday 8 January 2016.

If you try to renew a 7-day loan item that has a user reservation, the book loan cannot be extended and will need to be returned by the due date or it will accumulate late charges.

This is not an automatic process: borrowers will need to renew their current loans from Friday 4 December to extend the loan period should they wish to keep library books during the vacation. 

In any event, the due date for each of your loan items will be shown on the date stamp, self-issue receipt or by checking your borrower account at:

You will find that 28-day loan items are already being issued to 6 January 2016.

All borrowers can review/renew their loans, view accumulating fines, pay historic fines online and contact the Issue Desk via:

In order to avoid overdue charges, please verify the due dates of all your loans, returning or renewing items as necessary before leaving the campus during the vacation period.  Advice for avoiding fines and managing your loans is given on the Library webpages.

Our Christmas Vacation service hours and closed periods will be shown on the Library Opening Times page.

Chris Roberts

Reader Services Librarian

About Chris Roberts

Reader Services Librarian, Library Issue Desk, University of Bath
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