Vertical Studio 2016: Library design winners

More than 70 students took part in the ACE Vertical Studio project this year between 18 and 22 January. This year’s project was based on a ‘real-world’ design brief provided by our University Librarian Kate Robinson. The project gave the students an opportunity to work collaboratively in small groups drawn from first, second and third year.

Each group focused on different issues, electing to think about refurbishing, extending or otherwise reinventing our building. The final designs were produced as A1 posters which were displayed for Library staff to vote on. The top three groups each won a prize for the individual team members – a copy of a popular Architecture book (e.g. Cabins, published by Taschen for first prize).


Vertical Studio 2016 – winning designs

As an ideas competition, it was a great success and our colleagues were very impressed by the work produced in such a short space of time by each of the 12 groups that took part.

The winning groups featured an innovative use of the voids on the parade to expand and connect group study spaces with ‘hovering pods’, a rear extension with exciting ‘green atrium’, as well as another plan involving a staggered rear extension incorporating the PC areas and a new large lecture theatre, as well as an intervention in the existing structure.

1st Prize – Group 10: ‘Seed’
2nd Prize – Group 3: ‘Passi Verdi’
3rd Prize – Group 7: ‘Intus / Foris’

Vertical studio exhibition in 6E

Vertical Studio Exhibition: students from group 3 celebrate with their prizes

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