We’re cutting Library fines!

We're cutting Library fines!

On National Libraries Day 2016, we will be introducing a new loans system.  From 6th Feb, if you have on loan, or borrow any of our current 7-day or 28-day loan items, or any 7-day loan item from the SALC, we’ll automatically renew it for you, for up to 12 months.  You’ll only need to bring it back earlier if another user reserves it through the Library catalogue, or if your course or contract finishes earlier (or of course you need some more space on your desk!).

If one of your books is reserved by another user, you’ll be sent an email, asking you to bring it back within 7 days.  No more need to remember to renew!  And the only fines there’ll ever be for our ‘7 day’ and ’28 day’ loans will be for an item reserved for another user, and only if it’s returned later than a week.

And to keep you up to date, we’ll send you an email reminder every month, with a list of what you have out on loan.

So, from 6th Feb:

  • All ‘7’ and ‘28’ day loans will be automatically renewed (unless they’re reserved for another user)
  • If you need a book but all copies are on loan, make a reservation from the Library catalogue
  • Watch your University email – if someone reserves one of your books we’ll send an email to your University email address, telling you when you need to bring it back
  • If one of your books is reserved, it means it’s needed, so there will then be a fine if it’s returned after the date requested in the email (current rate 80p a day). You’ll also be blocked from borrowing anything more, until the book is returned
  • Continue to watch your University email! – we’ll send you a reminder each month of what you have on loan

Making our Library better together 2016

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One Response to We’re cutting Library fines!

  1. Dr. Sheik Meeran says:

    Thank you for implementing such a time and money saving and stress reducing scheme.

    Well done. This is a genuine help to the readers!

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