Extra seats and learning spaces in the Library

Extra seats and learning spaces

More study spaces

We added 70+ seats to the Library in time for the January revision and exam period, to ease the pressure on space you told us about in the Library’s LibQual survey (2015) and reflected in the Student’s Union Top Ten. We ran a survey to gather your views on improving Level 2 and your ideas have helped us re-design the area: we’ve ordered brand new tables (with built-in desk lamps) and chairs to replace the temporary seating on the side of the floor, they’ll be with us soon.

Extra revision rooms

We opened up our Level 4 meeting room again for silent study during the exam period, and a new room on the East of Level 3. Our Level 3 room is now a permanent learning space and we will be consulting with you on how to furnish it, and about the type of space you need..

Further enhancements

We’re working with the SU now, to plan further enhancements to the learning spaces in 2016, on our second, third and fifth floors. In October, we opened up a new space at the back of Level 2, allowing us to add more study spaces, more natural light, and enhance the internal lighting. In the second phase for Level 2, we’re looking at how we can increase the number of seats and provide a greater variety of study spaces, e.g. enclosed group spaces, individual spaces, informal seating. Let us know your views!

Making our Library better together 2016

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