Improving our Library through collaborative design

Collaborative Library design

Your ideas for your Library

In October we ran a survey, to gather your views on improving Level 2 and we’ve used these in our plans for redevelopment. Extra temporary seating on the West side of Level 2 will soon be replaced with brand new tables and chairs. Following your feedback we’ve chosen rectangular rather than round tables, with built in desk lamps, and we’re moving away from the low tables and stools you’ve found less practical and less comfortable. In addition, staff-only toilets on Level 3 have been made publicly available and designated gender neutral as requested.

Snack smarter

We’ve added more, better quality seating in the foyer snack area, and healthier options are coming soon to the Library vending machines – a smarter way and a smarter place to snack!

Studying alone together

From recent surveys, and the University’s Independent Learning Environment Project (ILEP) we know you sometimes need to study alone, and you sometimes need to study with others, sometimes you’ll need quiet space, sometimes you might want to be able to talk.  We’re taking this into account in developing new spaces on Level 3, and we’ll be consulting with Engineering & Design students and the Students’ Union as we plan them.

Extra silent study spaces

We know the silent study spaces on Level 5 are really popular, so we’ve added more, where the re-shelving area used to be. Your feedback helped us find the best place for the seats, and to increase the study spaces available on the floor.

Making our Library better together 2016

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