IBISWorld – industry research trial


We are pleased to announce that the Library is running a trial of IBISWorld until 20th May. This research database provides access to over 400 current reports on UK industries.

It contains detailed performance data and analysis on the markets and includes: supply chain information; forecasts; risk scores; operating strengths and weaknesses; analysis of external drivers; major players’ market strategies; and industry profit and costs benchmarks.


  1. Industry Research Reports – 25-page reports containing key statistics, forecasts, performance and outlook analysis, industry structure, products and markets, competitive landscape, operating conditions and major players.
  2. iExpert Summaries – 6-page snapshots condensing the integral elements from the industry reports into bite-sized paragraphs, graphics and tables.
  3. Risk Ratings Reports – 15-page reports covering the risk that the industry is facing over the next 18 months.  Includes an assessment of the operating conditions (industry structure, revenue outlook and key drivers) for companies in the industry.
  4. Archive Industry Reports – Industry Research Reports dating back up to 7  years.

We are keen to find out what you think of IBISWorld so please send your feedback to the Management Subject Librarian, Helen Rhodes on lismanlibs@bath.ac.uk

Many thanks.

About Helen Rhodes, Management Librarian

Management Subject Librarian University of Bath Helen is a Chartered Librarian with over 20 years’ experience in Government and university libraries. Helen began her university education in behavioural sciences and she studied psychology as an undergraduate before completing a Masters’ degree at the University of Bristol in Information Management. As part of her role in supporting students and staff at the University of Bath, Helen creates learning materials and particularly enjoys experimenting with new learning technologies.
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