Library graffiti feedback board: our responses to your comments (2)

A breath of fresh air?

You’ve asked for air freshener sprays in the toilets and we will be speaking to the Porters about this soon. We will also be reviewing toilet ventilation in general with Estates.

Jingle all the way

You’ll be pleased to see that our Christmas tree is up on Level 2 again. Those of you who commented on a lack of festive decoration as early as November (!) can now rest easy.

The Goldilocks Porridge conundrum…

We have had several comments about the building being either too hot, too cold, or just right. Everyone has a different preference so it’s hard to get it right. We don’t have a great deal of control over the central heating system, which is definitely on. It can be a bit chilly on the North staircase. Can you give us a bit more information on which rooms/areas in the building are uncomfortable and we’ll see what we can do.

Love in an elevator!

Sadly our student lift (that’s British for elevator!) isn’t fast enough for some of you. We’re stuck with our existing lift system which would be hugely expensive and problematic to change. Journey time and delays are largely a question of volume of footfall rather than speed of lift. It should be noted that the doors are set to open and close slowly to ensure accessibility i.e. to make it easier for anyone in a wheelchair to get in and out unobstructed.

Ideally we’d have more than one student lift but where would we put it?! If you are able to make use of one of our three staircases that would help ease congestion and keep you warm if you’re chilly (see above).

Not our bag, man!

We’ve had more requests for bean bags and tables. We’re working on a rolling programme of improvements and these include some diner furniture and tables at the back of Level 2. We’ll be refurbishing some other group rooms too. We can’t provide bean bags though. We’ve done so in the past but they were slashed open in short order. Those beans get everywhere and are a nightmare to clean up.

Once upon a time in the web…

We’re reporting comments on slow internet and wi-fi in the Library to Computing Services but it would be very helpful to know exactly where in the building you experienced the problem please.

‘Lift too small for mobility scooter’

This is very regrettable but once again we are restricted by the building’s limitations. Ideally we’d have another (or at least a larger) student lift. It may be more feasible to relocate our Assistive Technology room to Level 2 to make that more accessible. We are looking at options here and for other ways to recalibrate our building. In the short term our library staff can help you in lots of ways, not least with accessing materials from other floors. For more information see:

I had a dream… Printers on every floor

We have centralised our Copy & Print service on Level 2 as it is easier to maintain consumables in the machines here and also concentrate our support staff and maintain an excellent service this way. We will have a new contract for our Managed Print Service (MPS) and some new machines which should help with demand and reliability. The MPS is campus wide so there is already a lot of flexibility in terms of where you can print and we anticipate this will increase in the future.

Warm regards,
The Library

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