Trial of BBC Monitoring Service

The Library is running a trial of the BBC Monitoring Service.

BBC Monitoring collects news from TV, radio, press, internet, news agency and social media sources in over 100 languages from 180 countries around the world and translates them into English to produce in-depth news stories and reports, including:

Media reviews – find out what topics are being covered by the media.

Explainers – reports on reasons behind current events and their implications.

Names in the news – profiles of persons or organisations making the headlines.

Country insights – find out current events and trends in a particular county.

Terrorism digest – summaries of reports on terrorist activity and counterterrorism.

New content is added every day.

Regions covered are: Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS – former Soviet republics); Middle East; Iran; Central Asia; China; North Korea; Latin America; Large areas of Africa.

To get to BBC Monitoring

Go to

Click on the ‘Login’ box

Click ‘Login via Academic Institution’

Click on ‘University of Bath’

Enter your University of Bath username and password.
After logging in, video tutorials are available from the Help section at the top right of the screen.

The trial ends on midnight on Tuesday 28th February 2017.

If you have any feedback or comments on the resource, please send them to Jonathan Woodfield,

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