Graffiti board winter comments

Most of the issues raised in the comments (Dec-Jan) have already been answered in previous posts, so if you don’t see them here please visit: and also

New comments:

Problems with power points not working on Level 4 and 5. The power points on these floors have now been checked and repaired by Estates, plus new ones have been installed in the Quiet Study area on the North East corner of Level 3.

‘Sleep space’/‘sleep zone’ – providing high-quality study space within our existing building structure can be challenging, particularly during periods of peak demand e.g. exams/revision. While we have watched these developments in other Universities with interest, we really do not have sufficient space to consider specific nap areas. We would also like to support a work-life balance, if you’re tired please take a break.

‘Working pens’ – presumably relating to the whiteboard pens for Level 2. We regularly top these up and have chosen glass-board specific pens which work the best on the glass and ceramic surfaces. Unfortunately the pens we provide are often vanishing before they run out, which is disappointing (and expensive) for us. We may have to return to loaning pens from the Security desk rather than leaving them out on Level 2, 24/7. Would you be happier if we took this approach?

‘More plants’ – we can raise this with the Landscapes team in Estates who kindly provide and maintain the plants in the building. We think plants are great for a conducive, lower intensity study environment. Unfortunately, one or two plants have been removed from the Library recently due to being ill-treated by our users – plant pots are not refuse bins, leaves are not used-chewing gum display receptacles and plants prefer water to cola, coffee and other liquids!

‘Stationery machine’ – we will have a look again at whether we might provide a stationery dispenser. Last time we looked there was nothing very suitable on the market, but we’re always happy to revisit ideas as things do move on.  Stationery can already be purchased from various shops on campus, whilst the most popular item – staplers – can be used for free in the Copy & Print area at the back of Level 2. Also keep an eye out for Library training sessions and promotional events where you are likely to have a chance to get free bits of stationery e.g. pens, bookmarks, post-its, etc.

‘Please allow to borrow books during vacation’. You will be pleased to know that we already systematically extend all loans over the vacation period so you do not have to worry about returning recalled items whilst away from the University. You will need to borrow or renew existing loans after the specified date (usually a week or so before the beginning of vacation). Keep an eye out for messages on our plasma screens, Library homepage and news blog, etc.

Thanks for giving us your comments. In the coming weeks we will be using the graffiti board to request your views on specific topics and themes.

Warm regards,
The Library

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2 Responses to Graffiti board winter comments

  1. Coffee Cup says:

    I think its great that The Library responds to feedback like this. The new vending machines in the break area are great, but the area itself isn’t a nice place to be – its full of really generic & uncomfortable furniture like a swimming pool café or an airport waiting room.

    Would you be open to making improvements to make it more attractive and less generic e.g. nicer seats & tables like in Parade or the SU?

    I think doing that would encourage more people to take breaks and fewer people to eat/drink in The Library itself if there was a nice place to go.

  2. David :-) says:

    Thank you for your constructive feedback. We’re very pleased you like the new vending machines. Maintaining and improving the Library’s physical environment is a high priority for us and we have invested in refurbishing this refreshment area in 2016.

    Unfortunately, there are limitations to the space, such as its size and position. As a result, our re-design focused on seating options to cater for short breaks and snacking. We are primarily relying on the proximity of bespoke food and drink outlets on the Parade to cater for a high volume of individuals to have longer food and drink breaks.

    Our Library Space Working Group will certainly have another look at the other outlets you mention and consider how we can make further enhancements to our refreshment area in 2017. Keep an eye out for future communications on the various spaces we are targeting for improvements. For example, you may have noticed the new purple comfy seating at the back of Level 2.

    Many thanks,
    The Library

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