Are you a PG student looking for somewhere quiet to study/write up over the summer?

Are you a postgraduate student looking for somewhere quiet to study or write up over the summer?  We realise that Library space is heavily used during semester times, but during the months of July, August and most of September we have study spaces that are quiet, accessible 24/7, secure and with access to resources and subject experts.

If it’s been a while since you’ve been to the Library, come and look at a few of the refreshed spaces, including a new group workroom (L3.16) on the East side of Level 3.

L3.16 group room

This was refurbished last summer and has built in plasma screens and glass  boards. The images outside were selected from a photography competition in the department of Architecture & Civil engineering.

Elsewhere on Level 3, there is work underway to install new smart LED lights, so keep this in mind when you’re looking for a quiet space.

If you’re looking for a quiet space with a PC, try the Level 5 computer room.  This room is for PGs only, and is accessed by swiping your library card.L3_nook

From next week, we will also have power sockets in all of the quiet study carrel desks at the front of Level 4, which is perfect for nesting all day and focusing on your writing up.

If you have any queries about the Library and our spaces, services or support, please come and see us or let us know via our Ask-a-Librarian webform at

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Head of Library Research Services at the University of Bath Library
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