Lighting and power supply upgrades in the Library

lightbulbThe lighting on Level 3 of the Library is being upgraded over Summer. Smart LED lighting is being installed across the floor, including staff offices. This will improve both the environment and provide energy savings. The floor is accessible as normal although there may be occasions where access to some of the shelving areas is temporarily unavailable.

In addition 60 desks in the Quiet Study area at the front of Level 4 have now been powered up. Each desk now has a single power supply with a double socket and double USB charging point.

This is part of a rolling programme of developments in the Library building, including, but not limited to:

  • robotTwo new permanent study spaces. The Library staff meeting room on Level 4 has been converted to a study space (L4.14) as has a former Level 3 office (L3.12)
  • New blinds installed to ease glare in the glass-fronted PC rooms at the front of the Library
  • Installation of Robbie the Robot (pictured right) in the Level 3 Quiet Study area – this is a sculpture originally created by Engineering apprentices in the 1960s
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