Access to the Financial Times

Easy access to online FT articles is provided through the Library Catalogue.

Example: To find the article from 04/08/17 “Carney warns Brexit uncertainty is choking business investment”, paste this into the Library Catalogue to find a quick link to the full-text.

FT articles in primo

To find FT articles written in the last 30 days you can either read the print newspaper in the Library or use our subscription to  Note that you will need to register to use this service.

You’ll find more information about access to a range of print and online newspapers on the Library website.

About Helen Rhodes, Management Librarian

Management Subject Librarian University of Bath Helen is a Chartered Librarian with over 20 years’ experience in Government and university libraries. Helen began her university education in behavioural sciences and she studied psychology as an undergraduate before completing a Masters’ degree at the University of Bristol in Information Management. As part of her role in supporting students and staff at the University of Bath, Helen creates learning materials and particularly enjoys experimenting with new learning technologies.
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